A cell in the State Penitenciary, Philadelphia An Electro-Voice Cardyne II, Model 731 A three-day pass for the Woodstock Music and Art Fair Jackie, one of the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer lions, during the recording of the now famous logo The illustrated exterior of a Neighborhood Cultural Center, San Vicente del Raspeig, December 2012 A sticker on King George Street, Tel Aviv, February 7th 2011 Merna Kennedy and Chaplin in The Circus, 1928 A reproduction of an exterior decorative tile from the Castle of Carcassonne, France The Great Sphinx of Giza, partially dug up, and photographed at some point between 1867 and 1899 Seen close to the centric Quijano Pantheon, Alicante Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, during its industrial golden age, later turned cultural Rehearsal for the Christmas Gala at the Gigarreras Cultural Center, Alicante. December 2012 Charlie Chaplin on Douglas Fairbanks' shoulders, acclaimed by the people of New York. Wall Street, 1918 The Minneapolis Journal, from Paris, reporting on the international acclaim of Spanish culture. October 28th, 1906 The first animated short with sound, "Steamboat Willie". Colony Theater, New York, November 18th, 1928 Found on a bench in the neighborhood of the Alicante Auditorium (ADDA) Louis Rota's Aero Radio Ballistique Type C in a 1915 photograph Claude Debussy, in white center top, at the Medici Villa in Rome. January 27th 1885 Dante and Beatrice gaze upon the highest Heaven, The Empyrean. Canto XXXI of the Divine Comedy in a 1892 edition A victimless fire in Berlin, August 2011 Kirsten Dunst during the filming of Marie Antoinette (2006) The British Fabulous Four in 1965 Orson Welles, arriving to the premiere of Citizen Kane at the Palace Theater, Broadway, NYC, May 1st, 1941

The problem of culture ...

...or, rather, culture as the solution? It is precisely in these particularly difficult times when a more careful selection regarding cultural investment becomes of the essence, with more attention to investments that offer credible and strategic but concrete solutions, geared towards constructing not only a present, but a future.-

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With a little help from (our) friends ...

Culture is something organic. Something that binds and builds bridges between people, institutions and societies. Something that connects us. On our path, we are inevitably bound together. Many institutions agree with us and have participated in some way in this construction. The cultural construction...   More... →

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