About Vocemmus

Cultural vocation, constant evolution ...

Vocemmus is the formalization of artistic and cultural activities that have brought together, for nearly a decade, a multinational group of people of various backgrounds and long carreers and established reputations in their respective fields.-

Vocemmmus is born with the initial aim of bringing original lyric song, bel canto, zarzuela, art and culture to all types of viewers, all sorts of venues, in all sorts of settings.-

It is an aim strengthend rehearsal after rehearsal, and grounded in an appreciation of the value of traditional artistic techniques, old school bel canto, but cognizant of the fact that culture is all around us, and something that evolves and finds new ways and means of expressing itself.-

At Vocemmus we understand that cultural activities have to have an element of "investment in the future", always enabling the social and demographic environment to achieve a positive "feedback" cycle where more and better culture being produced, leads to better access and further cultural development.-

At a time when technological and social forms and methods of production and consumption of culture are constantly evolving, we are excited to participate actively in all stages of cultural construction, from the training of new talent ​​to event production.-

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